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Check out what some of our Green Lane Diary Heroes are reading!


* Jemima - Year 7, Bulimba State School

The Big Picture Book of Environments - John Long


"The Big Picture Book of Environments is just that - a large picture book that describes and predicts various environments in the Earth's past, present and future. It has detailed information on these subjects and a fact box on every page that outlines the general information on that eco-system, such as it's climate, biodiversity, size, largest area and other headings specific to that area."


"In summary, The Big Picture Book of Environments is a book full of information, bright and interesting photographs and diagrams, useful tips and hypothesised predictions. It is an enjoyable book that is quite enlightening and could be appreciated by any student or adult interested in the environment."


*A. R.  Muthuthantri - Year 7, Bulimba State School

Your Planet Needs You - John Symes


"Your Planet Needs You is a great environmental book that shows us how to save the world in a humourous way. It would be a great idea for teachers to read these books to kids that want to save the planet. I found this book great for a variety of readers. If the readers are looking for environmental books, facts about the Earth, or just some good humour, this great book has it."


"I would recommend it to anyone that either loves comic books, superheroes, the planet, humour or learning new things. Don't let the front cover make you think otherwise. If you do read this book, try to do things that the book says, so that you can help the environment."


* Nathan Melvin-Tong - Year 7, Bulimba State School

101 Ways To Save The Planet - Deborah Underwood

" I strongly believe (...) that this book will definately convince others to take action to save the plant and will help us remember that a little change makes a big difference. I find this book very useful for people who want to make the world an environmentally better place just like Deborah Underwood who has a great passion for the environment. I do believe that some of it relates to our personal life e.g. what we do to make the planet a better place, like turning lights off when they don't need to be used, turning the tap off when we brush our teeth, picking rubbish off the ground and not just walking past, etc."


"This book is a great way to help kids understand more about the environment and what they can do to make a difference to our planet. It has helped me, as I'm sure it will help other people realise, that one person can make a huge difference. We can even save many land and sea animals from extinction by taking thoughtful action".


* Gisele Bouton - Year 7, Bulimba State School

True Green Kids, 100 things you can do to save the planet - Kim McKay, Jenny Bonnin


"This book used strong but youthful words for persuasion towards its readers. It reaches out to children to give them a perspective on what we can do to give back to what we have taken from our environment. It gives children an understanding of what is happening in the process of global warming and what they can do to prevent any further destruction of our planet and eco-system. If we continue to make a difference, we will save mankind and our planet and this book explains to children what they can do to make a contribution. We may never find life on another planet and without Earth, our species will probably become extinct".


"I recommend this book for all the kids out there and suggest that at least one of these books is put in every school across the country. It can help kids learn all there is to know about the environment and how to treat it. I believe it can help find a child's voice to stand up for our planet. I believe this book has the potential to inspire so many other children in Australia and the world. It can really make a difference."

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