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2013 Green Lane Heroes are announced!

Costa Georgiadis was thrilled to meet the new generation of green thumbs at the 2013 Green Lane Diary Awards, held at the State Library of Queensland on Tuesday 12 November.

The awards, run by Green Cross Australia, celebrate outstanding students and schools across Australia who take everyday actions to help save the environment and make a positive difference to their communities. 

Mara Bun, CEO of Green Cross Australia said hearing about the sustainable actions young people across the country have taken as part of the Green Lane Diary Program was inspiring.

"Over 34,000 students and 250 schools took part in this year's Green Lane Diary program, so the competition to be receieve and award was very tough," said Mara.

"It was incredible to hear all the positive actions students across the country have taken as we judged the winners," she said.


"We were thrilled to have Costa on hand to help celebrate the achievements of these amazing young people who have made their school or community a more positive place.


"The Green Lane Diary program is run all across Australia, so it was wonderful to be able to stream the awards online and connect up with winners across the country as they watched from their classrooms."


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 Green Lane Awards and well done to every student who participated in the program. Like Costa said at the awards, every little action counts and together, we can change our family, our neighbours, our community and our world!




  • St Brendan's Primary, QLD

These amazing students in Mrs Crawford's class have spent the term keeping their diary and leading the way to show others that living green is easy. Every student's diary was jammed packed with amazing ideas, personal insights and practical solutions that they tried to live each day.

  • Portside Christian College, SA

Looking after the planet is something that students at Portside Christian College take very seriously. Everything from revegation projects,  recycling batteries and ring pulls, collecting postage stamps to sell for aid projects, collecting old glasses and hosting conferences for students. There are big plans for vertical gardens, food acquaponics and hosting sessions to help families live green.



  • St Brendans Primary, Moorooka

These amazing students in Mrs Crawford's class have spent the term keeping their diary and leading the way to show others that living green is easy. Every student's diary was jammed packed with amazing ideas, personal insights and practical solutions that they tried to live each day.

  • Mildura West Primary School, VIC

This school has been busy running a Walking Bus to reduce car traffic, creating stickers to help kids recycle and writing Bird Fact Files to promote local species. Their Rubbish Free Trophy is hotly contested by all classes each week.

  • Albuera Street Primary, TAS

The Albuera Green Team are a group of students who love the planet.  We particularly loved the Grow N Gobble garden and canteen, what a wonderful idea! Albuera Street Primary teaches every aspect of food preparation from where our food comes from.  The Mooster Chef competition saw each class will take turns in planning, preparing and serving a healthy lunch item and an after school snack using dairy and sustainable food practices. Here they are now with a quick message


  • Agel Kowan, St Brendan's Primary, Moorooka

Agel showed exemplary individual action in her daily life keeping a detailed record in her Green Lane Diary, researching areas of interest and trying to change her family's behavior. Her practical ideas shared in her diary show prove that everyone can make a little difference every day.

  • Sarah Costanzo & Laura Gooding, St Joseph's Primary, Corinda

Two creative and enterprising students thinking outside the square for the planet! As an extra project, the girls made a range of items by recycling materials and sold them to raise money for Algalita Marine Research Institute while also raising awareness in their school community about the importance of marine research.

  • Angus McMahon, Albuera St Primary, TAS

Angus goes the extra mile for the planet. Passionate about sustainability, he has helped teach students and teachers about growing a community garden and saving energy. He is a consistent role model for others keeping the compost and recycling systems working. Angus walks the talk!




Carrum Primary School, VIC

Carrum Primary are an amazing school and are so passionate about the environment, they dedicate a whole semester to learning about sustainability, and they truly are waste warriors! Each year their efforts to reduce waste, recycle and teach others about the same blows us away. Check out their amazing video here!






Clayton North Primary School, VIC

The students have been leading my example being involved in an incredible number of projects this year. The Student Green Team has held Earth Hour, sold produce from their garden and given tours to others to teach them about it. The new indigenous garden has been a great success. Students from each year level have run their own projects including the year 3/4s who ran a pedal power disco!

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The Diary

Learning about environmental problems and what part our actions play in them is important so that we can make wise choices in how we live our lives. Find out what you can do right now that will make a difference forever!


The Green Lane Diary is a curriculum linked education program designed by environmental educators to help 8-13 year old children become aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference.

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