If you have been keeping an eye on the news you will have noticed increasing numbers of reports about the weather: pollution, animals and climate change. Why are the adults getting so worked up?


Earth is an incredible place, full of wonder and mysteries.


Learning about environmental problems and what part our actions play in them is important so that we can make wise choices in how we live our lives.


Explore these pages to learn more and find out what you can do right now that will make a difference forever!

  • Whats the story

    Whats the story

    Planet Earth is an amazing place with the capacity to sustain the life of millions of species. We are all interconnected so we need to find ways of preserving our home. With more and more of us sharing this precious place we need to find ways of preserving it. Don't forget that YOU can make a difference - start asking questions  and inspire your friends and family to make small steps in the right direction. Simple ideas are often the best!

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  • Energy Everywhere

    Energy Everywhere

    Energy comes from renewable or non-renewable sources. Renewable energy releases fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and leads to a cleaner energy future. We can reduce the carbon dioxide we release into our air by using  cleaner forms of energy, using less energy-hungry technology or capturing the carbon before it escapes into the  atmosphere.

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  • Our Place

    Our Place

    Australia is the oldest land mass, comprising many remarkable plants, animals and people. Over the years, our country has seen many different types of plants, animals and  people. You could be living right beside a national treasure and not even know it! Ask your local council or environment group about the ecosystems around you.

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  • Live a green life

    Live a green life

    Every day we make choices that have an impact on our environment.These little choices have an impact on our environment and others around us. Find out how you can walk more gently on our earth.

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  • Wonderful water

    Wonderful water

    The fresh water we use each day from local reservoirs or rainwater tanks is actually as old as the hills - maybe even older! Water makes its way around the planet in a process known as the water cycle. We cannot change this cycle but we can take better care of catchments and teach families to be better prepared.

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  • The 6Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, respect, replenish and refuse)

    The 6Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, respect, replenish and refuse)

    If we all lived by the 6Rs, it would make a big difference! It would help us to reduce landfill, cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, ease the pressure on the environment and save us money.

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  • On Alert

    On Alert

    Extreme weather can be unpredictable and dangerous. Cyclones, floods, bushfires, earthquakes, serious storms and tsunamis are part of nature. They are unpredictable and can be very dangerous. The best thing we can do is learn about emergency situations and know what to do.

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  • Citizens - It's up to us

    Citizens - It's up to us

    Kids can make a difference as global citizens. Do some research and look out for others, write to local politicians and be positive - that's how people change the world!

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  • Biodiversity


    Biodiversity is the incredible variety of living things and the ecosystems needed for survival. This range of species on our planet is important because different organisms help to keep a healthy balance by cleaning waterways, providing food and more.

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  • Destination Clean & Green

    Destination Clean & Green

    Think about amazing ways to work green, live green, eat green and act green - you have the power to change the future today!

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  • The science of climate change

    The science of climate change

    Even though scientists debate about who's right and wrong, there's a method to the madness! It's called The Scientific Method.

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Tips and Resources

Tips and Resources

We have compiled a list of ideas just to get you going. Try these eco activities - share them with your family and friends. Rate your progress. Be honest so you know what you can work on.


From waste, water and energy to what you eat and what you buy - its all about taking action...  Together we can make a difference!

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