Green Cross Australia would not have been able to produce this outstanding environmental education resource for young people, without the help from our sponsors.


While there are countless people that need to be thanked for their creativity, time, effort, patience and dedication to this initative - we thought you might like to take a deeper look at the sponsors who backed us from the word go!

  • Pureology


    Pureology is a hair care brand who really care about our environment. They are long-term supporters of Green Cross Australia and are passionate about water conservation. This is an important issue to them, as the hairdressing industry is one of the biggest comsumers of water in the world.

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  • Biome


    If you're green at heart, Biome's focus on eco friendly educational toys and gifts will give you a warm and fuzzy shopping experience. We believe that by expressing your values through your purchasing power you will make a difference.

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  • Tree Hugga

    Tree Hugga

    Tree Hugga offers earthy souls with a funky eco-friendly online shopping spot and an active social hub to share, learn and purchase natural alternatives to mass produced products.

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  • Flamingos Forever

    Flamingos Forever

    These iconic pink plastic flamingos have flocked into Australia and are fast becoming the coolest addition to backyards, pot plants, poolsides and the workplace.

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    The CSIRO Double Helix Science Club has lots of ideas to make your diary awesome, including some fun, hands on activities and more. CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club is a proud supporter of the Green Lane Diary

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  • Energex


    Can you cut it? Energex has lots of ideas to help you cut your energy bill to help save peak energy. Energex is proud to be a supporter of the Green Lane Diary and teach you to be green with energy.

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  • Bunnings Warehouse

    Bunnings Warehouse

    Bunnings Warehouse, Stafford, kindly supported the 2013 Green Lane Diary awards through prize donation. Bunnings pursue sustainability within its operations by striving to make them socially responsible, environmentally aware and economically viable. They are engaged within the communities in which we operate and live actively contribute to causes and organisations that benefit these communities.

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  • BuyEcoGreen


    BuyEcoGreen is an online shop specialising in green office supplies, school supplies and craft products. The store is a division of a long established Australian business, Ecopaper Pty Ltd, specialising in recycled and eco products. Our goal is to be part of the Australian transition to a more sustainable lifestyle: especially in the area of eco friendly office supplies. We've looked at the way traditional office, school and craft products are made and think that there's a better, more sustainable way to source, produce and supply them.

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  • Hope and Me

    Hope and Me

    Hope and Me is a beautiful store in Launceston Tasmania, who are dedicated to beautiful quality products, local designs and are very engaged in their local community. It is a beautiful store, full of warmth and love.

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  • Polycom


    Polycom supports Green Cross Australia to provide live video Big Green Show and Tell conference sessions for schools. Find out how you can use Polycom technology.

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  • Primary Perspectives

    Primary Perspectives

    Primary Perspectives is Australia's first radio show to be entirely hosted by children, for children. Every month, they will be interviewing a Green Lane Hero from across Australia.

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  • Redland City Council

    Redland City Council

    Redland City Council offers sustainability initiatives such as waste education workshops and free home energy auditing. They also run IndigiScapes a fantastic information centre with native display gardens, BBQs, playgrounds and an education centre.

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  • Ripple Products

    Ripple Products

    Launched in 2003, Ripple Products - products that make a difference - represent a passion for the environment. Each product carries an environmental message and assists in motivating you to save water. The range currently includes shower timers, plugs, reusable stickers and water saving buckets.

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  • TravelSmart


    There are lots of ways you can be a smart traveller. Get on your bike, park and walk, use your feet. TravelSmart is a proud supporter of the Green Lane Diary.

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  • Green Building Council of Australia

    Green Building Council of Australia

    Give your school a Green Star Education. School is all about getting good grades. And when it comes to environmentally friendly building practices, the best grading system is the Green Building Council of Australia's environmental rating system, Green Star.

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The Diary

The Diary

Learning about environmental problems and what part our actions play in them is important so that we can make wise choices in how we live our lives. Find out what you can do right now that will make a difference forever!


The Green Lane Diary is a curriculum linked education program designed by environmental educators to help 8-13 year old children become aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference.

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Green Land Diary - a Greencross Australia project

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