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Cool Jobs: Like Mother Nature

Cool Jobs: Like Mother Nature

Scientists observe animals and plants in efforts to build better products ...

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Kids' Playhouse Made from Recycled Potato Peels and Veggie Oil

Kids' Playhouse Made from Recycled Potato Peels and Veggie Oil

Learn about products made from agricultural waste and food scraps ...

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The Facts

The future is just around the corner and we need to think outside the square to create solutions for the challenges we face.GLD illo cityscape (2)

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Ask The Elders
Research the wisdom of The Elders to help solve the problems of climate change.


Make a time capsule and include your ideas about the future. Keep it somewhere safe and open it in a few years time.

Fantastic fact

The average use of a plastic bag is about 12 minutes but it takes between 20 and 1000 years to decompose.


Action Ideas

Think about the kind of world you would like to live in. Share your ideas with people around the world at The Future We Want Project.


Make your own birthday and Christmas pressies this year. Handmade things are special!


The natural disasters in recent years have highlighted the importance of living more sustainably and safely. Some places are focussing on environmental living. We call these places Sustainable Cities and town planners and engineers are currently working on ways to restructure our cities to make them more sustainable and durable. Watch here how the Sydney City Council is planning to make Sydney a much more sustainable city so that it can not only survive, but thrive into the future!



It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the world has changed since humans built our civilisation. There are some great tips and tricks to live more sustainably that have been around for aaaaaages! Compost bins, water tanks, backyard vege gardens and the 6Rs aren't new ideas - can you think of some more?



Some issues simply didn't exist a generation or two ago and we are finding

new ways of thinking to address them. One cool way of thinking is 'biomimicry', where we look to nature for ecological ways of doing things in our everyday

city living. For example, we now have coatings, fabrics and other materials

that were inspired by the microscopic texture of butterfly wings. Watch

this video to learn how biomimicry can be used to replace fossil fuels with sustainable energy!


THE ASIA-PACIFIC - our neighbourhood

We are living in the fastest growing region in the world. The Asia-Pacific population is expanding very quickly and countries like China and India are playing a big role. Neighbours get to know each other so they can help one another. Why not learn Chinese, Japanese, Hindi or Korean? Just imagine how many more people you will be able to talk to and the different job opportunities that might be open to you in the future.


More Juicy Stuff...

GREEN JOBSClean and Green 3
What do you want to be when you grow up?
The possibilities are endless, especially when you're thinking about green jobs of the future. In 2014, people are employed as environmental engineers, energy auditors, fauna spotters, environmental scientists, meteorologists, hydrologists and environmental lawyers. By the time you're looking for your future career, there will probably be even more green jobs!

No matter what the job, you will need the skills of creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork. You'll probably also need a positive attitude and the ability to think critically about possibilities and consequences! Here's a secret... scientists are people who are helping us to learn about our world. They are the coolest futuremakers of all!


Here's some cool ideas!

GLD JT w/kids & wind power 275


You too can get involved...

Get started here!
Download the Green Scrapbook, come back to the website every week for tips and information, record your journey and win the competition!

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Tips and Resources

Tips and Resources

We have compiled a list of ideas just to get you going. Try these eco activities - share them with your family and friends. Rate your progress. Be honest so you know what you can work on.


From waste, water and energy to what you eat and what you buy - its all about taking action...  Together we can make a difference!

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