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For each topic covered in the Green Lane Diary, we have developed some ideas for classroom learning experiences, inquiry questions for class discussion and investigation and possibilities for action projects.  Additional resources have been listed to assist with further exploration of various topics.


Check back here for updated information on the 2014 Green Lane Diary!



Thanks for your hard work throughout the year. Teachers really make the difference and lead the way for our future green thumbs! As a thank you, we've created some Green Lane Diary stickers for your class.


Simply print them onto a full label sticker sheet and cut them out.


Green Lane Hero Stickers 1


Download: Green Lane Hero stickers


Green Lane Hero Sticker 2

Download: Green Lane Hero stickers (without confetti)







Download: 2013 Green Lane Diary Poster




First, get the most out of the Green Lane Diary - find out about the different sections.


2013 Diary Topic Teaching Notes:

Introduction - Our world today

Week 1 - Get the low down

Week 2 - Energy everywhere

Week 3 - Our  place

Week 4 - Live a green life

Week 5 - Wonderful Water

Week 6 - The 6Rs

Week 7 - Citizens - it's up to us

Week 8 - On Alert

Week 9 - Biodiversity

Week 10 - Destination clean and green

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Environmental Literacy Tools:

Use these on your SmartBoard or projector to model writing techniques and project planning.




Online Topic Links:

Explore these sites, games and videos for resources to support your teaching.


Get the low down

A Changing Climate - CSIRO unit

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


Games at Global Warming Kids

Heating the earth: A guide to global warming

Heating Up the Earth - Global Warming for Kids!

PEW Centre - education page

The case of the warming planet - Canadian EcoKids game

Understanding Climate Change - CSIRO Carbon Kids unit

GLD illo 31_275


Energy Everywhere

Australia's Renewable Energy Map (from Clean Energy Council)

Energy Education Australia Inc

Energy Kids (US Energy Information Administration)

Future Sparks clean energy website

Great BTN story on underwater mining

Interesting science education initiative

Renewable Energy Sources (Links compiled by Jackie Miers)

Solar Schools


Our Place

Australia's world heritage

Build a billycart - game

Mind bending Quiz game - general knowledge

Myles Dunphy conservation pioneer - interactive

UNESCO World Heritage - interactive map


Live a green life

Australian Conservation Foundation - Greenhome website
Green Building Council of Australia - education rating tool

I don't want to clean my room - US game

Science news for Kids - US website

Useful ideas for Travelling Smarter - school program


Wonderful water

Great article on bottled v tap water

The Water Page

Water conservation at home - interactive

Water Conservation Resources



On Alert

Disaster Kids - US website exploring topic

Getting prepared is fun - games for kids on Harden Up - Protecting Queensland

International Foundation of the Red Cross - Kids games

QLD Government emergency kids page

SES volunteers - BTN story


The 6Rs

Activity - Build a worm farm

How much land do we actually have - try the Earth Apple activity

School-wide Environmental Initiatives for your school from Keep Australia Beautiful

The recyling process explained

You too can get involved...

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The Diary

The Diary

Learning about environmental problems and what part our actions play in them is important so that we can make wise choices in how we live our lives. Find out what you can do right now that will make a difference forever!


The Green Lane Diary is a curriculum linked education program designed by environmental educators to help 8-13 year old children become aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference.

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Green Land Diary - a Greencross Australia project

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