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How the Green Lane Diary program works for Teachers

The Green Lane Diary is a flexible resource aimed at exploring environmental issues and encouraging and empowering students to take positive action.


You know what works best for your classroom and your students. This is not a prescriptive program - - teachers should feel free to use the resources to best suit their needs.

Those students who choose to enter the Green Lane Heroes competition will help to inspire others with their stories of hope for the future.

View the digital version of the Green Lane Diary.


Ten Weeks + Ten Topics = One Term of Fun

Broken up into 10 topic sections, The Green Lane Diary gives a broad overview of the environmental issues and offers useful facts, ideas for action and inspirational stories of those leading the way. Explore the topics of the Green Lane Diary.


The Students' 'Green Scrapbook'

The students write an entry each day of the term in their diary. Either use the Scrapbook, an old exercise book or create a word document - whatever suits your students. The only rule for their entries is that they are linked in some way to looking after our Earth.


They can write about the steps they are taking to live more sustainably, a class project they may be doing or a topic they are learning about.


The diary is a space for them to record their observations, questions, ideas and discoveries.


Use it:

  • As a daily homework task
  • To record the progress of a class project (e.g. planting a veggie patch, undertaking an energy audit)
  • To record individual student work on a research task


Some students might choose to expand their diary by keeping a digital version, making a movie, creating a website or keeping a special scrapbook full of their ideas.  All of this is fantastic!


We would love to see their work and it can be sent in with their diary at the end of term.


Missed The Green Scrapbook on the homepage or need more? Download extra copies of the Green Scrapbook.



For more useful information and ideas, encourage your students 
to visit the Green Lane Diary website regularly.


They can share their experiences by telling us about their projects and investigations or they might choose to connect with others by viewing videos of Green Lane Heroes or accessing other online information sources.


Extra copies of the student diary can be downloaded from the site. There are also additional teachers' resources and links for you to explore.


Get interactive

Green Cross Australia is enouraging teachers and students to get into multimedia to make their Green Lane Diary journey richer.


The Green Lane Diary YouTube Channel has been developed to enhance the resources and more videos will be developed as the program unfolds.


Entering the competition

We want to know what your students and community have
done and share it with others.


Prizes will be awarded at a special Awards Ceremony in November 2013 to:

  • Individual Green Lane Heroes
  • Green Lane Hero classes

Get in the running and send in your class or individual student diaries (copies are fine) to Green Cross Australia at PO Box 12117, George Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4003 at the end of Term 3.


Your students may have made other material - videos, songs, presentations, websites - send them in to support their entry and we will display them.


Be in the running and let everyone know that kids can make a big difference!


Assessment Ideas

Diary responses could be used as:

  • Evidence of students' writing development (summative)
  • Use student diary responses as a writing task
    • Informative texts - raising awareness of environmental issues
    • Persuasive texts - encouraging people to take action
    • Imaginative texts - describing design futures


  • Students design an investigation based and use their diary to report on their progress
  • Start a class project (conducting a water or transport audit, rehabilitate a local area, plant a veggie patch, start a worm farm).
  • Use the diary to report on the project.

Reading response

  • Ask the students to respond to their reading
(use it to listen to students read & set comprehension tasks)

Investigate and present

  • Students choose a topic of interest to them, pose a question and investigate it (hold a class expo and ask students to present their work. Film their presentations.

You too can get involved...

Get started here!
Download the Green Scrapbook, come back to the website every week for tips and information, record your journey and win the competition!

Download the Green Scrapbook
The Diary

The Diary

Learning about environmental problems and what part our actions play in them is important so that we can make wise choices in how we live our lives. Find out what you can do right now that will make a difference forever!


The Green Lane Diary is a curriculum linked education program designed by environmental educators to help 8-13 year old children become aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference.

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Green Land Diary - a Greencross Australia project

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