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Everyday Ideas

It's ok if you or your friends can't take on a huge world changing project in Term 3.


It is the little things that all add up. Have a go at some of these easy things you can do every day to make a difference in your backyard, your community and your planet.


Remember to keep track of all the Easy Daily Good Green Deeds you do in your diary, and track the big difference that you can make EVERY DAY!

  • Locate It

    Locate It

    Search the internet for local wildlife and nature reserves near your home or school. Use Google Earth to find how to get there and plan a trip there with your family or friends.
  • Pick it up

    Pick it up

    Hold your own Clean Up Australia Day. Put rubbish in the bin - not on the ground. Marshall your friends and do an emu parade one lunch time. Make sure you tell us all about it!
  • Keep informed

    Keep informed

    Stay in the loop by watching the news, reading the newspaper or checking out websites on topics that interest you.
  • Warm Up

    Warm Up

    Wear a jumper when it is cold rather than using a heater. This will reduce your energy consumption and your parents will thank you for it when the next electricity bill comes!
  • Save it

    Save it

    Be careful with water when taps are running. Turn off taps so they don’t drip and report dripping taps at school or at home to an adult.
  • Clean it greener

    Clean it greener

    Use old clothes as household rags for cleaning.
  • Calculate your footprint

    Calculate your footprint

    With your parents help, calculate the Ecological Footprint for your home using the WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator at www.wwf.org.au/footprint/calculator
  • Go for public transport

    Go for public transport

    Think about all the car trips you go on. Is there a journey that you could swap to using public transport. This will save wear and tear on your family car, reduce fuel costs and save the environment.
  • Guest speaker

    Guest speaker

    Invite a local farmer to come and talk to your class about the issues farmers are dealing with. Find out what you can do to help.
  • Planting for the future

    Planting for the future

    Hold a 'green bee' to plant native plants which are usually more tolerant to droughts and help you to save water!
  • Save our oceans

    Save our oceans

    Do your bit to save our oceans! Put rubbish in the bin, say no to plastic where you can, collect rubbish from the beach and put it in the bin
  • Promote recycling

    Promote recycling

    Find out where the recycling depots are in your local area and advertise the list in your school newsletter or on your school website.
  • Join Witness King Tides

    Join Witness King Tides

    Sign up for 'Witness King Tides'. Join mum, dad or friends to take photos when big tides hit our coasts at www.witnesskingtides.org
  • Jot down emergency numbers

    Jot down emergency numbers

    Equip yourself by creating a list of important emergency numbers for your fridge. Add them to your parent's mobile phones too.
  • Ask a park ranger

    Ask a park ranger

    Invite a park ranger to tell you more about what's living in your backyard. See how you can protect your local endangered species.
  • Do it yourself

    Do it yourself

    Make your own thermometer to measure temperature. Instructions here!
  • Where is your closest National Park?

    Where is your closest National Park?

    Find out where your closest national park is located. Plan a family picnic or go exploring there with your friends.
  • Check for rain

    Check for rain

    Make a rain gauge out of a recycled plastic bottle by marking the millilitres on the bottle. See how much rainwater can you collect.

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The Diary

The Diary

Learning about environmental problems and what part our actions play in them is important so that we can make wise choices in how we live our lives. Find out what you can do right now that will make a difference forever!


The Green Lane Diary is a curriculum linked education program designed by environmental educators to help 8-13 year old children become aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference.

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