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Action Ideas: Help Ghana schools access clean water

Learning about the water situation in Ghana


Can you think of one reason why an African sixth grader would drop out of school?


One simple reason is because of 'water insecurity'. Many children in developing countries such as Ghana drop out of school not only because of water scarcity, but because they lack access to clean water.


With a population of 24 million, half of Ghana's population is living under impoverished conditions.


One third of rural populations lack access to safe drinking water, and only 11% have adequate sanitation.250ghana5


One in ten Ghanaian children is dying before their fifth birthday mainly due to malaria and diarrhoea.


The majority of diarrhoea deaths are due to a lack of access to sanitation facilities coupled with inadequate availability of water for hygiene and unsafe drinking water.250ghana2


DID YOU KNOW? One in ten Ghanaian children dies before their fifth birthday mainly due to malaria and diarrhea.

Download more Did You Know's about Ghana.


Supporting clean water for students: Action on the ground


To address this issue, Green Cross International has developed

the Smart Water for Green Schools project.250ghana4


Our office in Ghana is working with local communities to provide solutions to help secure access to clean water for schools in the Ghana Volta river basin using a smart and simple rainwater harvesting system.


Rainwater harvesting systems provide a cost effective way to
capture rainwater.


Our team builds a basic catchment system on school rooftops that channels rainwater into an overhead or underground storage tank.


School children, teachers and 250ghana6community members are trained to monitor, treat and use the captured water, encouraging personal and communal interest in the management of the system.


The team builds ecological latrines that provide healthy sanitation for schools.


Green Cross' water conservation and hygiene education program helps kids and teachers from different schools in nearby villages to build their understanding of environmentally friendly, healthy solutions to pressing challenges.250ghana1


Typical Ghana Green Schools have over 500 students.

Download more Did You Know's about Ghana.



Expected Results


  • Access to safe water through rainwater harvest system and sanitation through ecological latrines
  • Peaceful bridges between local villages through green school programs and environmental values
  • Improved health and hygiene - and improved school enrolment as parents understand the benefits
  • Developed capacity of local community who are empowered to be able to help themselves
  • Enhanced student and community knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.250ghana8

How donations raised by Australian Green Lane Diary School's can make a difference:


1. Cost of quarry stones used in the rainwater harvest system = $381

2. The sand needed to mix cement for the large water tank = $445

3. Roofing sheets for ecological latrines = $300

4. Stones used to build ecological latrines = $381

5. One third of the cost of educational materials for training and environmental outreach = $1,450

6. The total project budget for one Ghana Green school is $25,210


Download the detailed budget for the Clean Water for Green Schools project.


Background on the schools that your donations will benefit


The Dawu Methodist Primary and Junior High School selected to benefit from the Smart Water for Green Schools initiative is located at Abiriw/Dawu village within the Akwapim North District. The Akwapim District is found in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Water coverage for the district is 29% with sanitation coverage standing at 32%. Both the school and the community do not have access to safe water and sanitation, recording a 0% water and sanitation coverage for the village. The total population of school kids of the selected school is 589, with a teacher population of 11. There are a total of 2363 people living in the Abiri/Dawu village.250ghana9



Getting Involved


You, your classmates, teachers, schools, families and community can help the Smart Water for Green Schools in Ghana! Here are some fun ideas for fundraising:


  • Hold a white elephant store at lunchtime (have the students collect, sort and price the materials) - it's trash and treasure!
  • Run a school wide Nude Food Lunch and charge a gold coin to dress all in green
  • Hold a lunchtime movie (watch Happy Feet or Wall-e) with popcorn and charge a gold coin for entry
  • Rubbish fine - impose a 20c fine for those who litter
  • Chalk drawing lunchtime - charge a gold coin to participate and fill the bitumen with beautiful artwork.

Interested in running a fundraising event for Ghana?
Contact Green Cross Australia if you are running a fundraising activity for Ghana in your school.


We will send supporting information to make sure it's easy for you to transfer funds so we can forward all donations to our office in Ghana - even small amounts can go a long way!

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